Herbal knowledge should not be pay-walled, and no one will be turned away from any of my offerings because they cannot pay.

That being said: I live in extreme poverty and rely on income from care work to survive. If you are able to donate—even if it’s just a few dollars!–It really, really helps.

Suggested donations for consultations can be found on the consultations page.

Workshop sliding scale self-assessment

If you know that you cannot afford to donate to attend a workshop, or you know you can only donate something like $5-$20, please just come to the workshop, give if you can, and ignore the rest of this page. If you have a little bit more flexibility, you can use the following chart to place yourself within the three tiers of suggested donation ranges listed for each workshop. Please note that obviously this is an imperfect tool and not an exhaustive list—I trust you to donate as you see fit.

Donations are accepted via ko-fi.com/herbalistatlarge or via workshop registration over jotform.

Suggested donations for each workshop (listed next to the course descriptions on this page) are based on the hours of work I put in—not just how long the workshop is, but preparation and rehearsal, managing registration and communicating with participants before and after the workshop, and the evaluation and improvement work I do after receiving participant feedback. Depending on the course, I usually do between three and five hours of this miscellaneous work for every hour of workshop time.

Developing new workshops usually takes me upwards of 70 hours, including drafting outlines, research, creating presentations, writing course descriptions and other materials, and feedback sessions with accomplices.